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Good Talent is a leading Melbourne based PR company. We provide quality, customised PR services across the corporate, not for profit and government sectors. As one of few leading Australian PR companies in Melbourne, we tailor communications and marketing strategies to build brand and reputation. Our highly skilled, public relations professionals have strong media contacts and knowledge of the media landscape in Melbourne.

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We are an expert and experienced PR service in Melbourne, including a media crisis management team. If you require fast PR solutions, or ongoing public relations support, we have the right mix of skills and experience to build your brand and reputation. If you are looking for a dedicated PR team to respond to your needs you will like dealing with us.

We will provide a successful plan to manage your  media crisis management, publicity campaign targets or general PR campaign goals. You will feel like our only client if you engage Good Talent.

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What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) is essential for every organisation that is serious about growing and gaining respect in the community. It is really important if your organisation or business finds itself:

  1. Suddenly in the media spotlight and you have no choice but to avoid or respond to the media.
  2. You see an opportunity. You know that if you could just get the right message to the right people and the right time and in the right media, you could affect the kind of enormous change that you need and build your brand.

We are prepared to help you navigate the challenges of responding to media and importantly to protect your reputation and build your brand awareness.

If you’re getting or you’re about to get bad press, we’ve got the contacts, media relations and strategies to start getting your side of the story out there.  We always start with a detailed crisis media plan and then implement it for you.

You may need to influence change, be considered for government funding, or  establish and build your reputation as an industry expert. That’s where we come in.

The Good Talent team will create a detailed PR, Social Media and Publicity plan so you can start breaking your big goals into a series of achievable steps.

Why you need a Crisis Communication Plan?

If you don’t have a crisis communication plan, you should.  A crisis communications strategy is a key piece of brand insurance.  What is the cost of your organization’s brand?  How long would it take you to rebuild your brand after a poorly handled public media event or scandal? Award-winning companies like Ardent Leisure and Dreamworld is a living example of that exact situation.  They famously ignored considered PR advice and followed their lawyer’s advice during their crisis.

Legal advice during a crisis is important but needs to include a strong communications response that resonates with the public and demonstrates your organisation is being proactive, transparent and clear with key audiences.

Media crises pass quickly when victims, families and friends are cared for, leaders take responsibility and key partners are engaged to ensure the same problems never happen again.

If you’re in or about to experience a media crisis, we can prepare you for it and manage your relationships with the media throughout it.

Outlining the process: How We Do It?

Good Talent PR agency is a well-known Melbourne based PR firm, specialising in publicity services for Melbourne not-for-profits, Government agencies and peak industry groups.

The steps are simple;

  1. We will work with you to develop your stories.
  2. We decide the best  media to target at a local, state or national level.
  3. We pitch your stories to journalists, news editors, producers on your behalf.

Depending on the client and the industry, you should have your first interview within a month.  Once we secure an interview, for you, we’ll help you prepare for it, to ensure that you get the right message across.

We usually achieve client’s publicity goals in three to six months.

PR Melbourne and Publicity Services

  • Press coverage and media coverage across appropriate relation agencies: local, state media, online publications and through media relations and government relations

  • Key message development and story ideas

  • Fielding positive and negative media inquiries
  • Pitching to editors and reporters

    • What high profile people or organisations will support us publicly?
    • Key message development
    • What great stories do we have to tell?
    • What stories are not being told?
  • Conducting and coordinating interviews
  • Writing press releases

  • Interviewing potential case studies
  • Preparing interviewees
  • Anticipating questions for interviewees
  • Choosing and developing case studies so that they’re news worthy
  • Implementing the media plan
  • Adverse Media: We deal with them and provide advice on how to deal with them

  • We create and manage PR campaigns / Public Relations Campaigns

  • Internal and external corporate communications


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