Only 10 Working days to go!

Are you worried about how you’re going to manage social media during Christmas and the New year period?

With only 10 working days left until Christmas, there’s no denying that we are in the middle of the silly season. If you’re like me, you’ll be juggling work commitments with Christmas parties. It’s a busy time of year for all of us! Unless you’re in the hospitality or retail industry it’s also a time of year when staff productivity is at it’s lowest, often businesses are running on a skeleton staff until the new year.

There’s one part of your business that shouldn’t stop during this ‘silly’ season and that’s your marketing, especially your social media and online presence.



It’s important to maintain momentum on social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook uses its famously mysterious ‘algorithm’ that determines what posts are ‘Newsfeed’ worthy. If your page loses momentum, Facebook will downgrade your Newsfeed position. It’s possible Facebook will decide to not even organically display your posts at all.

There’s also an advantage to maintaining your social media platform posting during peak holiday periods. There’s a high chance that your competitors will also be on the same skeleton staff as you, and if they’re not organised and prepared they will lose their social media momentum.

To help you this year, Good Talent Media has come up with our Top 5 Tips to Manage Social Media During Christmas.


Top 5 Tips to Manage Social Media During Christmas


Now is a great time to capitalise and use the silly season to your advantage. You have an opportunity to have a competitive advantage with clever social media management, if you follow the steps below:

1. Plan your content in advance

Spend several hours sourcing and planning your content to cover you with enough posts to get you through to the second week of January. We recommend 30-90 posts.

2. Schedule your posts

Spend some time scheduling your planned posts. You can chose to use Facebook’s own post scheduler, or it might be worth while investing in a dedicated post scheduling program that can schedule posts on multiple social media platforms. Here at Good Talent Media we use a combination of Meet Edgar and Hootsuite for our clients’ posts.

3. Coordinate your Campaigns

Ensure that your social media advertising campaigns are set to run until January. Maybe you have a ‘New Year Special’ you can run?

4. Set up auto replies

Use Facebook Messenger’s automated reply service so that your customers don’t feel ignored.

And Finally:

5. Outsourcing

If your silly season is getting too silly to spend time taking the above actions, maybe it’s time to consider Outsourcing your social media during the holiday period.

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If you have any tips on how you’ve managed your social media in the past, comment below and tell us about it.