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As the leading internal communication agency, Good Talent PR specialises in developing effective internal communications strategy, running workshops and training for your organisation.

Internal PR and External PR

Many organisations overlook internal communications when developing a communications strategy. However internal communications are just as vital as external communications. Having a well designed internal pr communications strategy that aligns with your organisations’ strategic plan will ensure a healthy organisational culture that engages staff and improves productivity.

What is Internal Communications

Your workforce can be your greatest asset and advocates or your loudest critics. How often do you hear of an organisation that is not valued by its workforce. “It’s not a great place to work; they don’t really tell us what’s going on or ask us how we think it is going. We don’t feel valued.”

Alternatively, in an organisation with a good culture and health internal communications you are more likely to hear staff comments like; “It’s a great place to work, we have a staff newsletter that we contribute to and regular updates from our CEO and executive team that allow us to give feedback.”

Internal communications plan should be developed with your HR team and aligned with your organisational strategic plan. Having a strong internal communications strategy in place is vital to achieving your goals and objectives. It includes activities such as:

  • Regular internal newsletter that allows for staff contribution and feedback – tailored to the culture of your organisation
  • Regular CEO and executive/director updates (high-level summary of important issues or advocacy campaigns for example)
  • Intranet or electronic staff noticeboard
  • Staff surveys

What are the benefits of having an internal communications strategy?

  • Build staff satisfaction
  • Contribute to healthy organisational culture
  • Engage staff and increase productivity and workplace pride
  • Align staff practices more closely with your vision and mission

How can Good Talent PR (GTPR) help you?

Our PR team will meet with you and discuss your current internal communications and develop a proposal to work with your executive team and staff reps to get a strategy in place.

Elements of developing your internal communications strategy include:

  • GTPR review your strategic plan and current internal communications status
  • GTPR conducts a half-day workshop with leadership team and front-line staff representative (this would ideally be a small group of 4-6 people)
  • From this workshop, GTPR develops a draft internal communications strategy that aligns with your strategic plan
  • GTPR provides final strategy and assists in implementation phase if required

Contact us today to get started on developing an effective internal communications plan/strategy that will help you achieve your organisations objectives and goals and build a great organisational culture.


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