Media Training Workshops In Melbourne

It is very easy to be a poor interviewee. 

Just show up.  Don’t do any research.  Don’t monitor the news cycle.  Have no clarity on your story, message or position.  Don’t have any messages or sound bites prepared.  Spend no time anticipating the questions that you might be asked.  Don’t rehearse.  Try to answer the reporter’s questions and hope for the best.  Then naturally when a story that doesn’t represent your views is written, you can blame the media.

Don’t be one of these CEOs or spokespeople.

Good interviewees get media training

To be Good Talent, takes a lot more effort.  Good Talent is what the media calls great interviewees to their faces sometimes, but mostly behind their back.

Great interviewees do all of the above.  Great interviewees understand that they can influence how a story is written.  Great interviewees purposefully write, rehearse and deliver sound bites that will be used by the media.  Great interviewees respect journalist’s questions and satisfy them, but then go on to make their point undeniably clear.

Good Talent or great interviews manipulate the media to present themselves and their organisations in the best light.

Great interviewees more often than not get regular media training.

Learn how to tell your stories and manage your nerves.

Interview focused media training with actual journalists is the only way
to prepare to deal with Melbourne’s sometimes aggressive media environment.