Melbourne Public Relations (PR) Campaigns

We are a PR campaign agency that has accomplished many successful PR campaign management projects in the past. We combine three key elements that come together to make an impactful PR campaign. At Good Talent PR our professional and dedicated senior consultants bring those elements together to deliver a successful campaign that meets your needs and delivers results.

The elements of a successful public relations campaign

  1. Identify and be clear on your main goal or objective
  2. Identify your target audience/s
  3. Develop clear messaging to achieve your objective including a call to action

Goals and Objectives

There are many ways of approaching a public relations campaign. The design of your plan will depend on your main objective.

Do you want to:

  • Raise awareness of an issue
  • Increase brand identity
  • Increase your sales or donor base
  • Influence government policy on a social or economic issue

Depending on what you want to achieve our senior PR consultants will help you clarify your main objective and make it happen.

Target Audience

Once we have the main objective clarified we will identify the target audience and key influencers and decision makers we need to reach out to.

Finding your target audience is essential to achieving your objective. You need these people to understand your PR efforts and get on board with your stories and brand identity.

We will identify the media outlets best suited to reach the people you need to talk to.


Every Public Relations campaign needs a strong and clear high-level key message to lead the campaign and provoke the change you want to see or motivate people to get behind your call to action.

Our expertise in developing successful PR campaigns will assist you to clarify and deliver the messages needed to reach your target audience and meet your campaign objectives.

We will make sure your campaign messaging (e.g. press release) reaches the people you need to influence and educate. Our combined expertise in journalism and PR sets us apart in the industry. We know how to work with you to create the messages and how to pitch to our media relations – journalists and news editors in targeted publications.

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