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Your target audiences are much more likely to watch a video about you and your services than reading a copy of you and your services.

Videos are an easy, passive way for your clients and stakeholders to learn about you and get to like you.

Television isn’t quite dead, but it is changing.  Viewers in their tens of millions are turning to YouTube and Social Media to research their next services provider.

You know because you’re doing it.  A quick 30-second video or two-minute video that is so good it feels like 30 seconds, could put you and your organization in front of hundreds of thousands of new clients.  Or it could put you in front of your existing clients, staff or stakeholders to educate them on your latest initiative.

Videos help Website rankings. 

YouTube is a Google product and Google rewards you with a better ranking when you link a YouTube video on your site.  Just make sure the video opens at lightning speed otherwise your website speed could slow down and that will adversely affect your ranking.

Videos are a great way to tell your stories, get noticed, build brands and be remembered.

Corporate videos, web videos, social videos and not-for-profit videos are all in a day’s work.

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